When accuracy is everything and the end product demands something more than exceptional precision grinding makes the difference. CNC fed by CAD/CAM and overseen by our specialist machinists makes use of every last thousandth of a millimetre ideal for applications from aerospace components to automotive gearboxes and medical scanners.

Our expert precision grinding services include;

Cylindrical grinding

Perfection in cylindrical manufacture creating precision shafts and components for a hugely diverse range of mechanical applications.

Surface grinding

Ideal for any surface that needs surface finish accuracy.

Precision grinding is just one part of a fully integrated approach we take at Muffett Engineering Solutions that takes you from design and prototype all the way through manufacture to final assembly. Grinding combines perfectly with our milling and turning precision machining services with optional design and electro/mechanical assembly also available.

Exceptional precision machining equipment and people

Our highly skilled machinists come with many decades of experience and ongoing training to get the very best from our modern equipment and facilities. Our grinding capability includes four cylindrical and surface grinding machines including two CNC cylindrical grinders for absolute precision.

Whatever your precision grinding needs speak to the machining experts at Muffett Engineering Solutions; contact us today and we can arrange a quotation with one of our specialist team.

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