Muffett Engineering Solutions brings leading precision-engineering technology to all corners of the globe. We are proud to have our products used in diverse applications across a wide range of industries, including specialist through to large scale productions. Our excellent production capacity enables us to serve growing export markets in Asia and Europe, and we can manufacture to the highest global standards.

With every industry application, we take time to understand each customer’s requirements and can advise on the initial designs to improve production efficiency. We pride ourselves on being highly adaptable and our broad experience across multiple sectors provides a superior service.


We manufacture precision gears, gearboxes and assembled components for suppliers in the aerospace industry. Muffett Engineering Solutions is an AS9100D accredited supplier, manufacturing parts found throughout the aircraft industry. We operate to the highest aerospace quality standard BS EN 9100:2018

Off Highway

Muffett Engineering Solutions serves suppliers to major manufacturers of large earth moving equipment. We manufacture precision gears and fully assembled components for hydraulic motors used in pumps, as well as gear pistons, drive shafts and end covers. We have both production and assembly facilities enabling us to match customer requirements with true flexibility.


Muffett Engineering Solutions has extensive experience serving the medical industry and provides precision-engineered parts for diverse applications such as artificial hands; medical scanners; parts for radiotherapy machines; collimator cancer-treatment machinery; and adjustable treatment couches. We manufacture electro-mechanical components and movable parts, and can provide full assembly services including wiring and testing.


We manufacture an extensive range of precision gears and shafts used in marine industry applications including: power steering; winches; cooling pumps; propellers; and pumps. We can consult on customer designs at the planning stage to ensure the most efficient production process to minimise costs, and offer a complete assembly service including externally sourced proprietary parts if required.


We supply a variety of precision gears and components to the automotive industry, including: flywheels; steering pinions; valves; drive shafts; and transmission gears to name a few. Our expertise and production facilities are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications. Once we receive your enquiry our team sets out to establish your exact requirements through the use of Advanced Quality Planning techniques.

Hydraulics & Flow Control

Using the best precision-engineering techniques, we manufacture a wide range of splined shafts and pump shafts for leading manufacturers. We manufacture to customer specifications and supply for a range of pumps including fluid, chemical, blood, drinks dispensers, and hydraulic flow systems. We can manufacture timing gears through to a complete pump solution, and our production capacity is growing to meet increasing demand from both the UK and export markets.


One of our many strengths is the manufacture of precision-engineered components such as drive shafts and gears used in off-highway machines, including crane winches and hydraulic systems on large earth moving equipment. Our machines have the capacity to manufacture larger components with very impressive cycle times, ensuring our costs and lead times are very competitive.

Green Energy

The growth of ‘Green Energy’ relies on creating new technologies that can be scalable for profitable production. Muffett Engineering Solutions has impressive experience in this sector, delivering precision gears and gear assembly solutions that are made to our customers’ individual specifications. Our engineering is used in electric vehicles and hybrid and energy recovery systems. We have also been involved in projects used in wave and wind energy harvesting and are proud to be part of the sustainable energy revolution.

Oil & Gas

We supply to leading manufacturers in the oil and gas exploration industries, creating bespoke components and also complete gear assemblies for hydraulic and hydrothermal Fracture Mapping and Vertical Seismic Profiling systems. We are especially proud of our specialist expertise in supplying pump gearboxes and valve control gear lines used in pumping and pipeline systems.

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