Case Studies

We are proud to work alongside some of the most demanding and exceptional clients across a diverse range of industries.

Working with clients in industries such as medical, aerospace, defence and science doesn’t just demand a good standard of product quality, it demands the very best and we’re proud of many long term relationships with industry-leading organisations and companies. 

Below you can see some of the industries we have worked with recently with details of what we have been making for them;

Medical industry

We supply parts and assemblies used in radiotherapy machines for the treatment of cancer. Some of the parts we make are used to move tungsten leaves to protect surrounding tissues from radiation; this uses our small precision gearboxes. We also make the electro-mechanical assembly to move the couch on which a patient lies during treatment.

Couch position and movement is controlled very accurately and includes racks and pinions manufactured by us.

We manufacture further parts for the Collimator; the head of the cancer treatment machine, which rotates around the patient. We machine the mechanical parts which make the head rotate to direct the radiation beam accurately onto the patient.

We also make mechanical parts for prosthetic limbs; this requires very accurate machining of parts using special materials.


We make gears and gearboxes to control the movement of TV cameras and supply parts for security and surveillance systems. Some of our camera parts are also used for scientific applications; such as our underwater camera components used for surveillance and monitoring of oil flows under the sea.

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